Episode 14 - Megan Day

Megan, and her husband Jason, are World Champion pitmasters with their team "Burnt Finger BBQ".

For the last 10 years the team has taken the world by storm. They have numerous wins on the competition circuit, as well as cookbooks, Burnt Finger Branded products, and the world famous Bacon Explosion™! The team have had multiple television appearances on The Today Show, Fox & Friends, the Food Network, CNN, as well as almost every other major media outlet. 

Megan also won the title of 'Chopped' Champion on Season 4 of Food Network's 'Chopped Grillmasters', in February of 2019.

Without question, Megan is one of the most motivated, positive, and driven people I've ever interviewed... and she's just getting started!

Check out their website: www.BurntFingerBBQ.com

Twitter: @BurntFingerBBQ / @BurntFingerMeg

Instagram: @BurntFingerBBQ / @BurntFingerMegan



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